The Pacific Northwest: Cool Startups Doing Cool Things.

Here’s a list of startups from around the Pacific Northwest I’ve seen in the last few months – ‘cool startups doing cool things’!

1. Tripgrid – Portland, Oregon –  Travel. Planning. Simplified. Everything you need to plan and organize your next trip in one intuitive workspace.

2. Shyft – Seattle, Washington – Shyft revolutionize the way shift workers communicate.

3. – Seattle, Washington – Automate data collection and analysis from your team with simple recurring polls.

4. ThinkCX – Vancouver, Canada – Empowering service providers with a technology solution that gives them predictive insights into the behaviors of their existing customer base.

5. Faira – Seattle, Washington – Faira organizes the home inspection and title report for the seller’s listing. That means that potential buyers can make their best offer while fully informed.

6. Community Sift – Vancouver, Canada – Community Sift is an innovative chat filter with effective moderation tools filtering chat, text messages comments, usernames, for all languages, images & video.

7. cognitiveVR – Vancouver, Canada – cognitiveVR is a powerful analytics platform for virtual reality games, experiences, videos, and more.

8. NemaMetrix – Eugene, Oregon – The NemaMetrix core technology integrates microfluidics and electrophysiology to provide biological insights into an important and widely used model organism for human health, C. elegans.

9. Cloudability – Portland, Oregon – You need to provide critical cloud cost and usage data to decision-makers all over your company. Cloudability can help.

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