Startup Seattle Flowchart – It’s Outdated. So I Developed My Own.

There are no shortage of startup resources in Seattle – design firms, attorneys, Meetups, technology conferences, engineering labs.  The list goes on…and on…and on.  My frustration with Startup Seattle stems from the fact that their website is outdated and lacks a robust and accurate resource list for startups.  Here’s the existing flowchart if you’d like to review it: Startup Seattle Flowchart

Rant over.  With that said, I’ve built my own flowchart.  Have at it!

Assembling Your Team

Check out these events and opportunities to meet like-minded entrepreneurial folks, where initial encounters and hands-on experiences can lead to a long-term relationship.

Startup Grind Seattle

Angels, Pitches and Beers (Startups Meet Angels)

Cambia Grove (Reverse Pitch Night – Credit: Elevar)

Startup Hall – Waffle Wednesday


Galvanize Seattle (See Events Calendar)

Validate Customer Needs



Accelement (Knowledge For Entrepreneurs.  No Strings Attached)

Get Your Legal House In Order

Frank Paganelli, Lane Powell

Joe Wallin, Carney Badley Spellman

Reuben Ortega, Cloutier Global

Mike Meints, Sophos Law

And many, many others…

Conquer Financial Planning

Start it Labs

Lighter Capital

SWAN Venture Fund

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