The Pacific Northwest: Cool Startups Doing Cool Things. Part Three.

Here is another list of startups from around the Pacific Northwest I’ve seen in the last few months – ‘cool startups doing cool things’!

1. Cirkled in – Redmond, Washington –  Compile and track students’ school life achievements. Help them put their best foot forward and increase acceptance rate.

2. StormSensor– Seattle, Washington – Easily manage any and all of your stormwater programs.

3. Campfire – Seattle, Washington – Bring your stories to life!  Immerse yourself in story as the room around you is bathed in the light and sound of the book you are reading.

4. ActiveGiver – Bellevue, Washington – Every cause has an effect.

5. Docto – Vancouver, Canada – Your virtual Endocrinologist.

6. flightspeak – Seattle, Washington – flightSpeak helps you manage your travel plans, find airport information, and connect with other travelers.

7. Chroma – Portland, Oregon – allows you to invest in a diversified portfolio of private companies

8. RedQuarry – Tacoma, Washington – RedQuarry is a collaborative, modern and powerful Research Management Solution.

9. Ottemo – Renton, Washington – A full-featured commerce platform. Crazy fast, mobile first, one-stop-shop for retailers.

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