Bothell, WA clean tech startup secured $2.2 million in funding

Credit: 425 Business, Margot Greenman

HaloSource, a Bothell-based provider of clean water technology, this week announced it has secured $2.2 million in a recent round of funding as well as signed a distribution deal that will help the company accelerate its presence in the global drinking water filtration market.


“Since our founding, we’ve been building an extensive technology portfolio of ways to treat water, powering some of the world’s foremost brands in household drinking water devices on an OEM basis,” said CEO James Thompson. “We are excited about our ability to use this wealth of knowledge to introduce new technologies and consumer products into the drinking water service market — a market worth billions. We have innovated in a way that no other company has, and now we will capitalize on those innovations to offer our own unique, proprietary products.”

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