The future is serverless: IOpipe raises $2.5M from Madrona, NEA, and Underscore to build monitoring tools for serverless computing

Credit: Geekwire, Tom Krazit

One common thread among emerging enterprise technologies is that early adopters can quickly find themselves flying blind, stuck with monitoring tools that weren’t built with that tech in mind. Serverless development looks like it might turn into one of those technologies, and Seattle’s IOpipe has raised $2.5 million to build out a monitoring tool for developers using serverless techniques.

The seed round was funded by Madrona Venture Group, NEA, Underscore VC, and others. IOpipe, founded by CEO Adam Johnson and CTO Erica Windisich, is a graduate of the New York TechStars incubator and while its eight employees are currently spread throughout the U.S., it plans to grow in Seattle, Johnson said.

Serverless is an exciting concept: yes, servers are still involved, but the technique gets its name from the fact that software developers don’t have to worry about provisioning infrastructure as demand for their app changes. Instead, they write functions, or triggers, that can execute responses to changes based on pre-determined criteria much faster than developers can respond manually.

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