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Tech Jobs on the Rise in Seattle; But Here’s Why I’m Focusing on my Soft Skills

Forbes Magazine, 2016 According to Forbes Magazine, the Seattle metro area has posted 12% tech job growth over the past two years and 7.6% STEM growth, handily beating the performance of Silicon Valley.  More important still to potential job seekers, the Puget Sound region has grown consistently in good times and […]

Building a dynamic startup ecosystem and robust buying and selling environment: How the ‘Startup Liaison’ can help the ecosystem.

If you didn’t attend Milestone9 Demo Day on Thursday, you missed an opportunity.  Bob Kelly, the corporate vice president of M&A strategy and business development at Microsoft and a new advisory board member at 9Mile Labs, offered an interesting perspective, noting that there is a “dirty secret” about the startups […]

Office Hours 101: Three Questions to Ask every Startup

Startup office hours provides and opportunity for novice and veteran entrepreneurs alike to come together to ask questions, share advice, network, and collaborate with entrepreneurial peers. Most office hours are informal, open discussion between founders, experienced entrepreneurs, engineers, investors, lawyers, and anyone else interested in the startup world. Even though office hours are intended to […]