What We Do

Startup Ecosystem Best Practices

Research, living-lab knowledge, operational tools, agreement templates and guides about startups and startup ecosystems from around the world, shared for free.

Data Point Aggregation

Cascadia Venture Catalyst Group aggregates data points that provide you direct insight into the companies, people and resources that comprise your community.

Digital Solutions

Digital ecosystem infrastructure to connect communities, measure and benchmark startup ecosystems for maximum network connectivity and growth.

Fundamentals & Connectivity

Startup ecosystem strategies and policies to develop support among local key stakeholders for common understanding, alignment and for building a shared vision and development roadmap for your region.   Map out, visualize and connect your ecosystem of startups, activities and services, events, advisory networks, to funding instruments and talent pools.

Regional Expertise

Startup ecosystem knowledge building, digital solutions deployment, support service development, benchmarking, and committed long term partnerships.

Relocation & Expansion Strategy

Whether you are new to the Pacific Northwest or already established here, Cascadia Venture Catalyst Group is uniquely positioned to help your business take full advantage and leverage all public and private resources that are available to you as you grow your company.